Hyundai Sonata Repaired From Paint Overspray & Spray Paint Vandalism Damage  Our mobile crews can be dispatched anywhere nationwide within 24 hours of accepting the claim.  We’re a Houston Texas based company that has repaired thousands of vehicles managing claims all over the USA.  We specialize in the removal of products such as Protective & Marine Coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam in the foam of overspray damage to vehicles.  We just repaired  300 vehicles for Joe Holland Chevrolet & Imports from overspray damage.  This gave me an opportunity to work on several 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrids.  I drove some of these vehicles for several weeks.  I really like these cars for their performance and the overall looks.  The hood and body lines are some of the sharpest that I have seen this year for factory import.

For starters the power for this hybrid comes from a  166 horsepower 2.4 four-cylinder engine and a 30 kilowatt electric motor.  This produces around 200 hp.  It also comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. When you add the weight of these vehicles with their power  ratio, you get a very nice acceleration from a dead stop.  You can get anywhere from 26 to 32 mpg depending on your driving habits and terrain.  The 30 kilowatt electric motor’s battery packs are some of the most high-tech on the market.  It uses the newest Lithium-ion batteries instead of the less efficient nickel metal ones that some other Hybrid vehicle makers use.  They also have no memory of past charging.  This means that it will take a charge even when the batteries are not all the way depleted. It will also hold a charge longer when not in use.

The ratings from world renown Martin gives this hybrid some really high scores.  In performance this Hyundai gets 4 out of 5.   The reliability factor of this car is 5 out of 5. That  surprises me a bit, only because this is fairly new technology.  The cars comfort gets another 4 out of 5.  The interior gets a 5 out of 5.  That doesn’t surprise me at all.  The inside of this car is very nice, as I demonstrate in the videos below.  It has heated front and back seats.  Key-less  entry of course, with its push-button start.  The dash lights and digital/analog Hyundai blue telematics  system is my favorite part of the inside.   The exterior is some of the most stylish of today.  The hood and the side body lines are my favorite parts of these vehicles.  I really wish an American car maker would have come up with a design such as this vehicle.  I have driven thousands of vehicle, and this is one of my top ten favorite factory rides.  We have the lowest prices and the most experienced technicians on the planet.  There is also a 100% guarantee on all work, with video documentation of all work performed on your vehicle.
Here are some of the many locations we have served with our nationwide mobile services.  Atlanta, Augusta, Buckhead, Columbus, Georgia, Spring Field Illinois, Fort Wayne Indiana, Indianapolis, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Alabama, St Louis Missouri, Kansas City Missouri, Houston, Dallas, Arlinton,Lubbock, Amarillo, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Denton, Amarillo, Texas, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Florida, Tulsa Oklahoma, Little Rock Arkansas, Nashville, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Raleigh North Carolina, Columbia South Caroline, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Frankfort, Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, Topeka Kansas, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Jackson Mississippi, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lansing, Grand Rapid, Michigan, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Richmond Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles, Long Beach Sacramento, San Bernardino, Pasadena, San Diego, California, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Albuquerque New Mexico, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Columbus, Ohio, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Louisiana, Anchorage Alaska.  No where is off Limits for us ! 


About Jeff Suggs Overspray Removal Expert

My name is Jeff Suggs and am the owner & operator of National Overspray Removal Onsite Services. I specialize in the removal of Protective & Marine Coatings and industrial grade Polyurethane spray foam insulation in the form of overspray damage to vehicles. I have over 23 years of hands on experience in overspray removal and claims management. I am the only person in the world that has demonstration videos of repairs done to vehicles from the products listed above. I also invented several methods to remove overspray from auto paint, glass, trim, and moldings. No one has ever duplicated my custom work, and I proudly post that comment all over the internet. I am very easy to find on the internet, simply Google Yahoo of Bing "paint overspray removal companies" . You will find my Wordpress blogs, company website, videos and more on the first page.
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